• Video Walls
    Video walls allow spectators to feel part of the main event, whether they are able to secure stadium seats or not. Video walls also provide a perfect focal point, creating a central gathering place, facilitating increased advertising, food court & vendor sales. TempuZ can supply a vast array of sizes and styles that can help meet the needs of any event. • Network programming  • Fixed camera live feed • Daily announcements • Advertising • Weather & security alerts • Interviews • Current match scores • Results of the day • Schedule of play • Highlights
  • Draw Ceremony
    Like a Hollywood “Red Carpet walk”, an exciting Draw Ceremony is the perfect way to “Kick Off” an event. Tempuz has created a unique, fun, system that completely automates the draw. Animations can then be sent to big screens TVs, Video Walls, CCTV and the internet establishing a true “Buzz” before start of play.
  • IPTV Network Solution
    To meet the evolving demands of today’s consumers, service providers must transform from traditional providers of access-based services to all-inclusive “experience providers.”   That means being able to offer voice, video, data, and mobility, or “quad-play” services, anywhere, anytime.     IPTV is one of the most important aspects of this transformation.   Today’s customers expect stunning picture quality and excellent reliability, as well as a variety of advanced video services, which challenge service providers to deliver new capabilities while fully utilizing available bandwidth in the IP network.   TempuZ can provide you the perfect professional solution!
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